Next Level Service

With such a wide variety of custom scale car models available and detail levels it is impossible to produce a set price list. A box stock build is going to be a lot less than I detailed replica with detail sets etc. You might be looking for a standard build or a high standard investment build, no matter what you are looking for I can accommodate your request. 

So with that in mind, please feel free to email me, at  and give me a general idea of what you are looking for in your build. I will then be in touch and we can further discuss the details and put together a price for you. 

You may already have purchased the kit, and or detail sets, which is not a problem as they can be sent to me to build, or if not we can purchase them for you.

Options available for you to consider are:

Fully detailed interior/cockpit.

Highly detailed engine bay. 

Carbon Fibre



Display cases

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